Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paperstone Tilework

Custom Paperstone tiles made from remnants.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another piece of furniture we built

We got our hands on some Doug fir from a 100 year old church demo and decided to build a simple craftsmen style table. Topped it with a piece of obsidian Paperstone to finish it off.

Butcher Block and Eco Top

A beautiful reclaimed Doug Fir 3/4" butcher block matched up to Ivory Eco Top counters.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, June 12, 2009

Renovating the new SolidCraft World Headquarters

We're making progress on the new SolidCraft world headquarters. We've included re-used windows, doors, paint, and as much lumber as we could find in our shop. I'm making PaperStone and EcoTop shelving for displays on the vast wall space. (Ceilings are approx 20' in here.)
Thor, Ted, and I are all really looking forward to our grand opening in a few weeks!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome To Our Very First Post.

SolidCraft LLC has been making Portland homes more beautiful and sustainable since 2006.We're so excited to be going strong into our third year in business. Highlights of the last few years include:

* Installing 300+ sustainable kitchen and bathroom counter tops in Portland.

* Installing surfaces in the American Institute of Architects' newly renovated location.

* Donating PaperStone counter tops to one of Habitat for Humanities' first ever LEED Certified homes in Oregon.

*Most recently, we were participating in Portland's Green Cities Conference with PDX Lounge and the Bureau of Planning Sustainability.

We've made a lot of friends and fantastic trade allies who are working hard daily to make Portland's Green Building Industry vibrant. I'd like to mention a few of the people and companies whose work we admire.

www.ecohaus.com (everything you could ever want for your Green Dream House)

www.suriiron.com (fantastic custom metal work!)

www.greenposting.org (connect with your green-minded community here)

www.ecolutionnw.com (a beautifully green small business in Vancouver, WA)

www.greensourcepdx.com (your source for sustainable home improvement goods/ideas)

www.pdxlounge.com (lounging sustainably)

www.hammerandhand.com (green remodeling and contracting services, top notch!)

www.paperstoneproducts.com (Recycled Paper= Beautiful Counter Top Materials)

www.kliptech.com (Innovative, Beautiful, The Greenest of Green Solid Surfaces)


If you're passionate about Green Building, Kitchen/Bath Remodeling, or simply tired of your old laminate counter tops, please follow our Blog to learn more about Sustainable Surfaces.